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Installation Tip: Installing Vibrant in Windows 7

Monday, October 29th, 2012

The Preface: The other day I showed up to a free introductory Ruby on Rails(RoR) lecture class. I have never worked with RoR and I did not realize you needed either Linux or a virtual box to be able to create a virtual machine and run RoR. You create this using Vagrant, which uses VirtualBox, an Oracle product (from the erstwhile Sun I think).

I did not find good instructions on how to do what should be an easy install and so I decided to write them up. Hopefully, this helps someone!

Here are the installation steps. These worked on a Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit installation, with most updates completed.

1. Download and install Vagrant. I did nothing special with the installer. Remember the location where you install it. Keep it generic, organized and simple.

You can find Vagrant here:

2. Download and install VirtualBox. Again, nothing special with the installation. Remember the location where you install it. Keep it generic, organized and simple.

You can find VirtualBox here:

3. Go to the command prompt by typing “cmd“.

4. Using the command prompt, change folders and go to the Vagrant folder. On my computer, it is here: c:\vagrant\vagrant\bin

5. Initialize Vagrant: at the command prompt, type this: vagrant init

6. Set up the VirtualBox path, so that Vagrant knows where it is, and can set up boxes at your beck and command. On my machine, I did this, based on my VirtualBox path:

set path=%path%;c:/Program Files/Oracle/VirtualBox

7. Set up the base box as follows:

vagrant box add base

The reference for this is here:

You are all set! You can now set up as many virtual boxes as possible. You can read all about that in the VirtualBox documentation.

If this post was helpful, or if you had issues, do leave a comment…

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