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The National Robotics Week wants you…

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

to design a superb slogan!

Yes, the second National Robotics Week will be here in 2011! And they are having a slogan design contest.

The rules are simple: You have until December 13, 2010 (and if you are superstitious don’t worry, it’s a Monday, not a Friday, and until 12:01 AM EST – which means you can burn the midnight oil on the 12th and party on the night of the 13th) to submit a 120 word slogan that is inspiring, original and of course related to robotics.

Simple enough?

Why, do you ask must you do this?

It is simple. It shows you are interested in robotics and winning contests of course.

Want to do more? Maybe you can conduct an event of your own, or like me, you could attend one and yet, spread the news! For more information, visit:

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